Barter Boat is a carnival-inspired pop-up trading post captained by a trio of sailswomen who travel from city to city trading with the citizenry. Focused on moments of generosity, Barter Boat engages audiences through the act of barter, oral storytelling, and visual art. We ask with every interaction: after money, what makes something Valuable?  Barter Boat is a project by RADAR Art Collective (myself, Anna Abhau Elliott and Desiree Moore). It has been to Minneapolis (Northern Spark Festival), Indianapolis (IN Light IN), Baltimore (ArtScape), Atlanta (Art on the Beltline), Scottsdale (Canal Convergence), Breckenridge (BreckCreate) and Grand Rapids, MI (ArtPrize).  Barter Boat is the recipient of an ArtPrize Seed Grant and was named one of five projects on the Juror’s Shortlist at ArtPrize 2018.
 Duck Duck What? was commissioned in January 2018 by Northern for Illuminate South Loop, a three-night, light-based art festival during the weekend of Superbowl 52 in Bloomington, MN. The piece plays off the classic childhood game that if you grew up in Minnesota, you called Duck Duck Gray Duck, but if you grew up in any other state you’d call Duck Duck Goose. Visitors to Illuminate South Loop were invited to hit the blue or yellow buttons to vote for the game they grew up playing. A running tally was kept throughout the weekend and Gray Duck took the lead by just over 200 votes. Thanks to Paul Tinetti Fine Furniture for metal fabrication, Terry Bridges for assistance with illumination and custom duck and goose and to Rory Alt for creating the brains of the piece.
 Oasis is a series made for the 2013-2014 Jerome Fellowship Exhibition in the Main Gallery at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. My interest in roadside attractions led me to examine kitschy relics through a more candid lens of material and structure. Three large sculptures attempt to deconstruct the spectacular and explore the unreal. This is the culminating work of my 2013-2014 Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists.
 This public art installation was commissioned in summer 2014 for  Made Here  in downtown Minneapolis. It occupied 18 second floor windows of the old Witt-Mitchell building at the corner of Hennepin Ave. and 7th St. This piece is meant to pay homage to the businesses and life that once occupied this space, while simultaneously highlighting the number of vacancies in a prominent urban setting. Thanks to Joan Vorderbruggen for making it possible and to Michael Wolfe for video assistance. Photos by Steven Lang.
 For me, the thought of summer vacation invokes a visual splendor reminiscent of kitschy seaside resorts and endless leisure time. FUN FUN FUN is a modern homage to these bygone days that was inspired by 1950’s era signage. This celebration of vintage design lit up the former Blacklist Vintage storefront throughout the summer of 2013. Thanks to Joan Vorderbruggen of the  Artists in Storefronts  project for making it all happen! Photos by Steven Lang.
 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition at the  Katherine E. Nash Gallery  in Minneapolis, MN, April 2011. Each sculpture in this installation had audio triggered by a variety of physical interactions. Vocals: Miss Daisy - Molly Corkins, Ned the Fruitcrate - Peter Rusk, The Toll Bridge Troll - David T. Steinman, The Lonely Tree and Clovers - Justin Spooner. Images by  Mark Vancleave . Parts of this installation were shown at the  Walker Art Center  for their First Free Saturday Event in March, 2011. Miss Daisy and The Lonely Tree were also on display at the Bethesda Hospital Healing and Sculpture Garden in St. Paul, MN from August 2011-June 2012.